Magleco Abyssinians

Breeder of Abyssinian Cats based in North East Scotland

Showtime - Magleco Abyssinians

All the Magleco cats are first and foremost much loved pets but some have also done very well on the showbench.

The 7th January was The Scottish Double Cat Show. Sooky, Rus and Esme all attended. Sooky gained her 3rd Imperial. Esme gained her second and third Grand certificates becoming Grand Champion Meltinthemiddle, the first Magleco Grand Champion! Rus gained his second and third Champion certificate and both BOB's, becoming Champion Magleco Rebel Yell and the first Magleco Male Champion!

Congratulations also to Ch Glendavan Champurrado on gaining her title at the show too!

UK & Imperial Grand Premier Glendavan Leonidas (1OLY)

Leon at Merseyside Cat Club Show 2010 - winning Best of Variety Foreign Neuter

Grand Champion Glendavan Strangewaytotell (1IGC)

Luke wins Best in Show Abyssinian Cat Association Show 2011

Champion Glendavan Pandora

Champion Magleco Doubletrouble

First Magleco Champion. Very proud!!

Champion Glendavan George Gershwin (1GCC)

Grand Champion Glendavan Calamity Jayne (3IGCC)