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Breeder of Abyssinian Cats based in North East Scotland

Magleco Kittens

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All Magleco kittens are reared in the house so they are well socialised. They are used to dogs, other cats and a hectic lifestyle!

In accordance with GCCF recommendations, the kittens are rehomed around 14 weeks of age. Unlike dogs, this has no ill effects on their socialisation. All kittens are GCCF registered, insured, fully vaccinated for flu, enteritis and leukaemia, neutered and microchipped before going to their forever homes.

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Magleco kittens are to live indoors as Abyssinians are very inquisitive and as such can go awandering. These sweeties are far too precious to lose!

If you are interested in one of the kittens please use the contact page. Visiting is encouraged and it may be possible to deliver kittens as there are frequent jaunts south for shows - we all know the North East of Scotland is in the wilds for most people!!


Available Kittens

Sugar and Rus

Chocolate male kitten

Sugar and Rus' babies have arrived! A lilac girl and a usual girl. The lilac girl is still available and ready for her forever home.

One usual girl still available

If you click on the Links page, you will find a list of Abyssinian breeders who may also have kittens available.


Expected Kittens

Pregnant Amber

Luke and Rascal

Kittens are hoped for from Luke and Rascal soon!.

Planned Litters

A litter is hoped for from Esme later in the year.

Occasionally there are young adults available to a special forever homes. Please use contact form if you wish more details.

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