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About Abyssinians

Corriedog Leon and Coen

Abyssinians have been bred in in the UK since the 1800s making it one of our oldest established breeds. The origin of Abyssinians is uncertain. Many think, however,that they originated in Egypt, descended from the sacred cats of the Pharaohs. They are a medium sized cat, with a lithe, muscular body. They have bright very expressive eyes and alert ears and are interested in everything! The most important feature of their coat is the ticking. 4 bands of colour on each hair shaft giving the Abyssinian it's distinctive "wild" look - much like a wild rabbit.

Corriedog and Leon


Abyssinians are very active, intelligent and inquisitive cats, needing to know at all times what you may be up to! Somewhat dog-like in behaviour, they are very social, enjoy a game of chase and playing fetch! They are very affectionate and loyal cats and one of their most endearing habits is one of headbutting their owners! One of their more unusual characteristics is the chirping noise they make, rather than the usual miaow.

Abyssinians come in a range of colours. There are 6 main recognised colours: usual, sorrel, chocolate and their dilute forms blue, fawn and lilac. But there are also silvers, torties, red and cream. (For more information on the different colours see the links page).

Abys love water!

Magleco Abyssinians

Very social cats - Leon and Coen hugs

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